As I said in my first post I’ve been dabbling with the custom brush designer in ArtRage 5. I ended up making 18 different brushes, none of which are really categorized nor would I venture a guess as to their strengths or weaknesses. I don’t have enough experience in the software yet to really nail anything down. However I do like to take a shot in the dark at times and just to learn the interface and the package creation system I decided I’d tinker with them and release them here and maybe get some feedback. I personally haven’t painted anything with any of them yet though I think I’ll make that my next project,  there are a couple of them that I think will serve as go to brushes for general use. I hope these will be useful to you and would like to hear feedback and see what you create with them.

As usual I’ll close with a painting I’ve done in ArtRage I was attempting a landscape of sorts and experimenting with some of the features of the software. This looks nothing like my reference photo, I kept it because I thought it was interesting at least. 

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