Even digital doesn’t go as planned

I’ve realized that, sometimes a painting done with physical paint just doesn’t turn out as planned. It can be for many reasons, poor color choice,  bad brush work or just overall lack of skill. The latter seems to be my biggest hurdle, but even the forgiving digital painting can go south very quickly. Fortunately we just delete that layer and start again all that’s lost is time. With physical media it’s more involved, wasted paint canvas and so, but it’s all a learning experience. Trial and error have been teaching me that careful planning is key to completing a decent painting no matter what media you use. Sometimes that means a deviation from a reference photo, what looks good in a photo might not look so go in paint digital or otherwise. This next painting I’m going to share started with an apple on the counter top, my color choices for the background didn’t really help the subject at all, and I didn’t ever nail the lighting. Overall I hated the apple, so I deleted it and put something else in its place, I didn’t plan it as you’ll see from the terrible composition. The background was painted around an apple, and I left it as is after I removed the apple. I like this better but it isn’t very attractive and was roughly thrown together out of frustration. 

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