In color

Since I’ve been attempting to develop some artistic skill, finally after aforementioned years of procrastination I’ve also been trying out some acrylic paints as well. I must say I find the digital alternative to be much more forgiving and easy to pick up on. The undo shortcut helps me tremendously! While I’ve been doing some painting I’ve realized that color is a deep subject and mixing color with actual paint can be frustrating given pigment limitations and so forth. I’ve spent the last several hours working on an apple trying to mix a yellow that was acceptable for what I was attempting. I never actually hit the mark but I did learn quite a bit in any event so it wasn’t a total loss. I’ll keep fumbling my way through and hopefully I’ll eventually end up with what I’m after. In the mean time I look forward to opening up ArtRage where my undo button and color picker awaits me. 

I painted one other landscape style painting in ArtRage while I was still learning some of the basic features, I like landscape paintings but so far I haven’t been able to paint one that I actually like. Here’s the best I’ve managed to do, a far cry from the landscape paintings that I admire,  for sure!