Beginning digital painting 

I’ve always been interested in art and drawing, I have dabbled with it over there years and found that I have no natural talent for it at all. Like most other things that I’m interested in it takes huge amounts of work for me to make any progress in them. Recently I decided after years of procrastination to purchase a Wacom tablet and try my hand at digital painting. I intend to document my progress here, fortunately for me I happened upon ArtRage which has been an absolute joy to use and begin to learn. I have barely scratched the surface of the potential it has and fear with my limited abilities will never do so. One very interesting feature of ArtRage is the custom brush engine allowing one to create some very unique brushes I’ve been experimenting with that and having a lot of fun. I will be uploading my creations here for anyone to use and hope they will be helpful to anyone who happens upon them. I’ll close this post with my first ever digital painting done in ArtRage.