In darkness light

As I’ve been exploring my limited creative potential,  I’ve discovered at this point I’m pretty much limited to still life with a single subject. I’ve also discovered that I need to stick with simple subjects, my sketching abilities aren’t too polished as I’ve really never put the time in to bring them up to par. It’s been quite educational so far and I’m thankful that digital media is fairly forgiving of mistakes, mine is a very trial and error approach.

 I started with Artrage lite but almost immediately decided it was an excellent program and I might as well get the full version with custom brush support and the other extras, one should definitely support developers of such a program. As I said before I’ve barely scratched the surface of features and I’m primarily working with the oil brush and custom brushes, I use the pallette knife quite a bit at this point as well. Color blending can be a little hit and miss if you get two darker colors together and don’t know one has some yellow in it for instance, I’ve found that color sampling from a reference photo doesn’t really work for me. I haven’t really developed a painterly style yet so I tend to over use the pallette knife for smoothing and cleaning brush strokes. Hopefully at some point I’ll be able to paint with brush strokes and achieve the look I’m after until then all my work will resemble my second digital painting.